Rosacea is a skin condition that makes the face flush red and breakout with bumps.

    Rosacea can make skin sting and burn while creating the appearance that you’re constantly blushing. Many people struggle to keep skin calm, though there are a number of skincare ingredients that can help you calm your agitated skin for a unified complexion.

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How to Keep Rosacea from Leaving You Red in the Face with the Best Soothing Ingredients

Why are you blushing? Don’t you hate being asked that question? If you have rosacea, you likely hear it all the time. Those bumps that can come with it too are often mistaken for acne, which only adds to your embarrassment.

Rosacea is a fairly common skin condition though it may be difficult to deal with at times. Learning how to manage the symptoms it presents can help you like the way you look and keep the pain it can cause from interfering with life.

Rosacea Symptoms

The most common symptoms of rosacea are redness on the cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead. Broken blood vessels may also appear as well as swelling, Stinging, dry patches, larger pores, eyesight problems, bulbous noses, and broken blood vessels on the eyelids are telltale rosacea signs. They may come and go, flaring up for a few weeks at a time before fading, and then return seemingly out of nowhere.  

Why Do I Have Rosacea?

Unfortunately, experts aren’t certain what causes this condition. Genes are sometimes a factor because it runs in families. But there may be blood vessel troubles caused by sun damage that could be to blame.

Exposure to mites if you have a heightened sensitivity may set it off too. Bacteria, specifically H. pylori, may raise digestive hormones in your body, causing the skin to flush.

Women, especially those with light skin, light hair, and light eyes, are most likely to get rosacea. While that’s not always the case, if you think you have rosacea, you should watch out for common triggers that can set it off. Sunlight, hot or cold temperatures, hot baths, wind, stress, alcohol, spicy foods, intense exercises, or certain medications are things you should look at in your lifestyle to see if they lead to the symptoms you experience.

ROsacea Triggers

How to Treat Rosacea

While rosacea can’t be cured, you can use a few things to handle the redness, bumps, and other unpleasant symptoms. The first thing to do is identify what triggers it for you so you can avoid it. Next up, protect your skin from the sun by wearing broad spectrum sunscreen and covering your face by wearing a wide-brimmed hat.

Perhaps the most important step of all in treating rosacea is to only use gentle skincare products. Certain ingredients can really help calm those flare-ups so you can look and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Choose calming plant-based ingredients that visibly diminish redness. For example, aloe vera is such a soothing and calming gift from nature. Because it is anti-inflammatory, it will help quell that redness. Sonage’s Facial Rinse is the perfect first step in your skincare ritual if you have rosacea because of this key botanical!

Further soothe skin through licorice root which not only calms but also moisturizes. For the dryness you feel with this skin condition, Laserine Botanical Salve can comfort your skin back to good health.

Lavender is another calming ingredient for skin, and for your senses. Along with antibacterial properties, it can help get rid of the bacteria that is causing your rosacea woes. Soothing Mist provides this for you, though if you prefer chamomile to help calm and give you natural moisturization when you need it most, choose the Hydrating Mist.

While you can’t get rid of rosacea, you can surely help skin look calm, natural, and harmonious. Green tea is an anti-inflammatory ingredient found in the NMF Hyaluronic Serum that can help your skin see clearer and calmer days ahead. By using these ingredients that nurture your skin, you can finally cope with rosacea and keep it from destroying your day!

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