Collagen serums help your age-related skin issues

    Collagen serums help target wrinkles to fine lines and saggy to skin dryness, this wonder product is a celebrity in the skin care world! With new technology, we now have vegan Collagen serum that will do your skin wonders

    Collagen Boosting Serum


Collagen is the buzzword among skinfluencers as well as celebrities, these days. However, this magic potion is more than just a buzzword. Collagen is the one stop solution for all your age-related skin issues. From wrinkles to fine lines, from saggy skin to skin dryness, collagen, especially in the form of serum, fixes them all. 

Vegan Collagen Serum

What is a collagen serum? 

While human bodies produce collagen that helps in keeping skin supple and joints healthy, post mid-twenties the production of collagen reduces before eventually stopping. This is where collagen serums and collagen peptides come in to play. While the latter is taken in the form of ingestion, the former is a topical skincare treatment, which is much more preferable and convenient. Collagen serum is a skincare product that is applied after cleansing and toning and before moisturizing. This aids your body to produce necessary collagen that is required to keep your face youthful, skin supple, and your overall look glowing. 

How to use collagen serum? 

Collagen serum can be used just like any other face serum. However, if you are a beginner, here is our four-step guide on how to apply collagen serum to your face. 

Step One: Cleanse the face with a gentle cleanser and lightly pat dry. If needed use a physical or chemical exfoliation.

Step Two: Gently apply toner or face mist on to your face either using a spray bottle or using cotton pads, avoiding the eye area. 

Step Three: While your face is still a little bit moist, take a collagen serum of your choice, like Sonage's Vegan Collagen Boosting Serum into your hand and apply the serum to your face and neck. You can either apply it in circular motion on to your skin or use ice globes to make the serum get absorbed better on to your skin. Now, let the serum dry for 4-5 minutes. Do not rinse off the serum. In case you are layering your serums, go from lightest to the heaviest, don't layer more than three serums at a time, and leave 3-5 minutes gap between each serum. 

Step Four: Finish your skincare regime with moisturizer and sunscreen in the day and a night cream in the night. 

While some people prefer to apply collagen only once a day, it is highly advisable to apply it twice a day, i.e. in the mornings as well as in the nights. 

How to use collagen serum as a vegan? 

If you are a vegan and would like to reap the benefits of collagen, look no further than plant based collagen serums. Gone are the days where collagen have to derived from only animals, i.e. marine life. Owing to advancements in technology, now rice amino acids can be combined with soy protein and baobab adansonia to produce the plant-based collagen that is cruel free and vegan friendly. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab your collagen serum now and start your journey towards a younger, firmer, and plumper looking skin.

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