A Few Of Our Chief Wellness Officer Lavinia Errico's Favorite Things

You all know how dedicated we are to spreading the word about the importance of self-care rituals. With this in mind, we wanted to share a quote from Lavinia Errico, founder of Equinox Fitness Clubs and our Chief Wellness Officer, about how she uses rituals to help create meaning and intention in her life, and to bring a sense of peace and balance to her very full and busy days:

“Creating a wellness or skincare ritual is about doing something with a clear mind and clear intention – specifically focusing on you and you only. Ritual starts by creating a day-to-day practice for yourself. For my skincare, it’s about pleasure – I bring pleasure into my life through these self-rituals. I turn my skincare into a 2, 3, or 7-minute Lavinia ritual of cherishing me. And as a result, my skin looks and feels amazing.”

Lavinia recently shared some of her favorite things (including two of our products) with Poppy + Seed (one of our favorite platforms for wellness content). Read on for her picks!

(via Poppy + Seed)

Lavinia Errico is a nationally-recognized fitness and wellness entrepreneur. She is Chief Wellness Officer of Sonage Skin Care, founder of Equinox Fitness Clubs + the creator of the Inside/Out Movement. Lavinia is the definition of a true #girlboss living a balanced life. As a motivational speaker in the areas of fitness, wellness, nutrition, emotional, spiritual, + physical balance, Lavinia helps people of all ages become their best selves. She empowers them to be their own life coaches, discover their authentic selves, and experience the power of gratitude and the gift of true joy. A lifelong believer in the benefits of exercise and healthy eating, Lavinia is also a passionate dancer, biker, hiker and nature lover. She is currently working on a book about how to create the life you want. Read up about Lavinia and get ready to be truly inspired by her work. 

1 | Kangen Water System—The alkaline ionized water this system produces has so many beneficial properties from serving as an antioxidant to helping restore the body’s pH balance.

2 | Sunlighten Solo Portable Infrared Sauna—It’s billed as “a sleeping bag for your soul,” and I couldn’t agree more. A must to support overall health.

3 | Headspace App—There’s no excuse not to practice meditation and mindfulness when it’s accessible right from your phone.

4 | Groov3 Dance class—This funky cardio class keeps my body healthy, challenges my mind and fills my soul.

5 | Sonage Gommage Exfoliating Gel and High Impact Vitamin C Serum—Sonage’s botanically-based products combine advanced science with the best Mother Nature has to offer to keep my skin glowing.

6 | Q Disc—Mobile phone emissions can disrupt and weaken your cells, and this device provides protection from harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

7 |  EWG Skin Deep—Toxic ingredients can be found in more beauty products than you think; this app allows you to scan all of the products in your cabinet to determine if you should keep ‘em or toss ‘em, for safety’s sake.

This post originally appeared on Poppy + Seed.

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