We interviewed Randi Packard to take use through her morning self-care ritual

    We get a glimpse of what Randi Packard's morning routine consists of. She also explains why she prefers sunscreen to a daily moisturizer and why she wears it all year round

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Randi Packard on Wearing Sunscreen 365 Days a Year

We recently had the chance to catch up with seasoned market editor (Real Simple, Lucky, Shape) and tastemaker Randi Packard to talk about her morning self-care ritual and why she prefers sunscreen to a daily moisturizer. What are your stressors, why do you need to take care of yourself? Are you kidding I work in New York! (Laughs) I work out - I feel better when I work out, I’m less tired. I freelance these days, so it’s important to have some sort of regimented schedule since I don’t go to the same office everyday. I go to the gym every other day. I use a Fitbit to walk 10,000 steps a day, it’s a daily goal/challenge and a huge motivator. It’s really changed the way I do things. I try to get off at a farther away subway stop, or I walk instead of taking a cab. I never thought about it until I got the Fitbit. What does your morning self-care ritual look like? I wake up, meditate with Headspace, make coffee, look at my schedule, read the news online, then eat breakfast at home: yogurt with raw sunflower seeds, raw cacao nibs, and seasonal fruit like blueberries or peaches.  Then the beauty regime: Sonage Vitamin C Serum, toner, sunblock, mascara, under eye concealer, blush, lipstick –  I don’t like to weigh my face down, so I keep it to a minimum, that’s why I like wearing just sunscreen. A few nights a week I Clarisonic my face to clean everything off. Why do you wear sunscreen? For me personally, I find wearing a moisturizer and a sunblock in the city is just too much for my skin. I wear sunscreen during the day. At night I wash my face, and put on a moisturizer before I go out. What do you look for in your skincare? I worked at magazines for a long time and they’d always have samples come in and so I tried a lot of different things. Now, I’m more concerned about what I put on my skin than ever. I try to eat healthy and I never really thought about what was in my skincare until the last few years, but I’m now realizing that what you put in your body is as important as what you put on your body. How does your skincare regime change for the beach? I apply my sunscreen really often. I put it on head to toe before I go to the beach so I don’t miss spots. I wear one of those old lady sunhats, I’ve had the same one for years that I just keep replacing. I wear big sunglasses. I try not to be in the direct sun from 10:00-2:00. But you’re bound to be in the sun sometimes, so I always keep sunscreen in my bag in case I go in the water and then have to walk to the store and can’t be in the shade. You wear sunscreen in the winter? I wear sunscreen everyday. It used to be that it would be raining in the morning and then the sun would come out later on and I wouldn't be prepared and get sunburned! So I try to avoid that, by staying in the habit by putting it on every day - rain or shine.

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