Our Health & Wellness “Must Read” Roundup: June

We scour the web for the best mind, body and spirit stories - so you don’t have to. Check back  for more of our favorites.

Hello, beautiful. We're back with our monthly, “Must Read” roundup. This time around we're covering everything from hydration to sun protection to self affirmation. Craving more wellness content? Get the goods delivered directly to your inbox weekly by signing up for our newsletter (at the bottom of this page). 10 Life Lessons: How To Have A Life, Not Just A Resume, The Chalkboard Mag It's not often that we feature lifestyle advice from...wait for it...a MAN. But this one happens to be a wellness author and the mastermind behind mindbodygreen. Jason Wachob shared his personal tips for finding "balance among life's competing priorities" with The Chalkboard Mag and we suggest you pay attention. A Ritual For Boosting Your Self-Esteem As Soon As You Get Out Of BedMind Body Green As you probably already know, we're ALL about self-care rituals of any sort, but we were particularly drawn to Kathryn Budig's advice to take the first few moments of the day (usually spent in front of a mirror) to positively affirm our worth, rather than negatively judge our appearance. After all, no matter how many great skincare products you use, true beauty starts from within.

Your Butt Is Proof That You Should Wear Sunscreen Every Day, Science of Us

No ifs, ands, or but(t)s about it...skin least exposed to sun damage is the healthiest skin. Science of Us credits dermatologist and assistant clinical professor from Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Diane Madfes, with the logic that your butt may be a good indicator of your overall skin health. “A good way to reassure yourself is to look at areas that are photoprotected by clothes, i.e. the buttocks,” she says. “The skin in this area is smoother, tighter, with better elasticity.” If this sounds accurate, you better reach for the SPF. Yoga Moves To Help You Deal With AnxietyThe Coveteur Anxiety is pretty ubiquitous among busy boss babes, but while it's hard (read: nearly impossible) to prevent, carving out some time for a Self Care Ritual can make all the difference in dealing with it when it does occur. In addition to at-home spa treatments, we recommend yoga as an anxiety antidote. The Coveteur turned to Yoga For Bad People's Katelin Sisson & Heather Lilleston, and Bandier for the best sequence for dealing with our inevitable anxiety. Demystifying Hydration—and How Much Water We Really Need, goop Leave it to goop to break down healthy hydration levels once and for all. They grilled hydration expert, Lawrence E. Armstrong, who explained "how to be sure you’re actually hydrated, and what the real deal is with water and weight loss." Grab a beverage and read on for the findings.
Speaking of hydration - it's just as important for your skin as it is for your body. Enter our Hydrate Kit: the perfect 5 piece starter set for dryness and fine lines. Clean skin with Hydrating Cleanser, follow with Hydrating Rinse. Then apply Vitality Nourishing Serum followed by Presage Moisturizer SPF15 to face, neck and decollete. 3 x a week exfoliate using Gommage Exfoliating Gel. Lastly, bask in the glow of your hydrated skin.