Sound Advice For The Summer Solstice

Though we’ve been feeling the #summervibes for quite some time, we’re finally closing in on the summer solstice (June 20th), which means it’s officially the start of sunscreen season (luckily, we have the perfect solution for that).

The solstice is a biannual celestial event that marks the moment when the sun reaches its peak height and the earth is at its maximum tilt. In lay(wo)man's terms, it’s the longest day of the year so you’ll be granted fifteen hours to bathe in the glory that is sunlight (Vitamin D, anyone?). Extended hours for (healthy) picnics with loved ones or to simply enjoy some quiet time with a book or your own thoughts? We’ll take it! Additionally, inspiration flourishes as we draw closer to the solstice. It is the peak of yearly yang energy, after all. Yang energy is rooted in creativity and pushes us to make deeper connections with others, gives us focus and drive, and allows our passions to radiate and circumvent the universe. Abundant sunshine = internal abundance. Though the summer solstice provides plenty of positives, there are a few things to be weary of. Overexertion, dehydration and wipeout are all symptoms of too much yang so it needs to be kept in check. As with everything, balance is the key to happy and fulfilling solar cycles and self-care is crucial to maintaining that balance. Here’s a little trick to keep the scales from tipping: the latin root of solstice comes from two latin words: sol, meaning sun, and stare, meaning to stop or stand still. If you remember to take a breather and relax regularly, you’ll retain the perfect yang balance. Make sure to immerse yourself in the abundance of nature for maximum effect. Our suggestions? Brisk walks followed by cozy hammocks are never a bad idea. Happy Solstice!