The Plump and Polish Duo will help achieve a youthful glow for mature skin

    As our skin constantly changes as we age, we are looking for way to keep the elasticity and firmness of our skin. With this, the Plump and Polish Duo was created to help bring your skin's youthful radiance

    Plump and Polish Duo

Plump And Polish = Youthful Glow

Anti-Aging Secret A good, natural skincare routine can help you age well. If you’re dreaming about having a youthful glow, the secret lies in hydration. Keeping high levels of moisture in the skin makes it look healthier. Applying a face mask infused with a high volume of moisturizing ingredients can help preserve plump and soften skin, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Let’s face it, face masks are fun. There are so many colors and textures it’s hard not to take a selfie when you’re wearing one. But beyond playing around with them, some face masks can offer serious skin care benefits for mature skin.

Our skin changes in a myriad of ways as we age, including declining in collagen production and elastin. We can also expect oil production to decrease, leading to dryness. That’s why it’s important to include products that specifically address mature skin concerns. Face masks activate the skin to improve its appearance and overall health. If you have mature skin, we recommend our Patagonia Berry Stem Cell Mask. Think of this mask as a filler without the needles, formulated with rich and nourishing lipids-oils and fats-that have a smaller molecular size for better penetration. Patagonia Berry or Maqui Berry is a unique superfruit that has the highest and strongest levels of antioxidants among all fruits, even the well-known Acai Berry.

Antioxidants work against free radical damage and protect the skin. The cream-textured formula is packed with brightening vitamin C, which gently polishes dead skin cells, improves texture, and helps reduce inflammation to promote radiance. Vitamin E works to plump up fine lines, reduce wrinkles, and restore skin elasticity. Start by applying this treatment once a week and increase to 2-3 times per week for that envious dewy glow.  

Why Plump Skin?

These days we are bombarded by celebrities and magazines promising miracle potions and anti-aging products that diminish fine lines and wrinkles. When it comes to skin care there are words that are used regularly to indicate these positive results such as “plump” and “bouncy.” Unfortunately, we can’t completely stop signs of aging from happening but there are ways we can slow down the advances.  Now that it’s Summer we have to negate the heavy effects and tolls that the hotter weather can take on our skin, making it look weary and tired from the sun. So, how do we get our skin to look bright and beautiful? Is there a way to prevent sagging and increase plumpness in our skin? We suggest introducing a skincare MVP that can effectively enhance your skin- Sonäge’s Collagen Boosting Serum.

How to Achieve Plump Skin?

Fine lines and wrinkles are part of the natural aging process and the biggest cause is time. As we get older, our skin becomes thinner, drier, and we lose elasticity. The production of healthy skin starts to slow down as early as our mid-to-late twenties, resulting in a dull complexion and creases. You may think adding a serum to your skin care routine is an unnecessary step but serums are a superstar in anti-aging skincare. Unlike creams or lotions, serums are able to go deeper into the skin’s layers. Another major benefit of an anti-aging serum is that it can prevent premature wrinkles from developing and help reduce major cellular damage caused by toxins, stress, and harmful sun rays.

Our Collagen Boosting Serum is a lightweight gel formula that gives intensive results without turning to injectables or plastic surgery. It includes a high concentration of Collagen to keep our skin firm and bouncy looking. Collagen also hydrates, tightens, fills in lines and refines pores for a natural facelift. Start by using our Collagen Boosting Serum as part of your morning and night routine. In the morning, apply the serum to freshly cleansed skin and before your SPF. At night, apply it after the Patagonia Berry Stem Cell mask or layer it under your makeup for an evening out.

Final Thoughts We all have to go through aging (some sooner than others) but the greatest tip is to be patient and not overdo it. By using our Plump and Polish Duo you can maintain a natural appearance and gracefully achieve plump skin.

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