We interview our favorite facial spa specialist, Tess Adams and her company Take Care

    We give a chat to co-founder Tess Adams about all things skin and self-care. From how she got started to her favorite self-care routine, she gives her tell all

Taking Care with Esthetician Tess Adams

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with celeb fave and cult status facial spa Take Care. They’re now carrying our products at their NYC shop and using them in a brand new facial specifically designed with our esthetician approved line of products in mind. We recently sat down with co-founder Tess Adams to chat all things skin and self-care. Take Care is an experience for both the body and mind. Tell us about your philosophy. One cannot reach its full potential without the other. Supporting both body and mind can help keep us healthy and slow down signs of aging. You co-founded Take Care with your sister Sadie. Would you say you bring shared family/moral values to your work? Being able to build a business with my sister is such a special thing that not a lot of people get to experience. Our big sister/little sister dynamic definitely plays into our roles at the shop. There is a love and respect there that not a lot of business partners have. Model and musician Hannah Cohen sings the praises of your spa’s serene setting. How would you describe the atmosphere you create for clients? Take Care has always been a private and exclusive place where our clients can feel safe and supported. When do you feel most relaxed? What does true relaxation mean to you? True relaxation means taking the time to acknowledge and connect with oneself. I find relaxation by connecting to spirit through meditation, physical activity or art. All skin types are not created equal. Describe your personalized approach to skin care. Skincare starts internally. I like to find a wholistic approach to any skin condition through diet, lifestyle, history of health, etc. What ingredients do you search for in your chosen skin care products? When it comes to ingredients in products, the simpler the better for me. Clean ingredients are a must. What drew you to carry Sonage, and how does it fit with your clients' lifestyle? I am drawn to Sonage because of the simplicity of the products. I love ingredients that are clean & straight forward. When it comes to skincare I think less is more & Sonage was an easy integration for my clients. How are spa specialists at Take Care trained to treat and interact with clients? There is an authenticity here at Take Care. We hold space for each other and the clients to be our true selves in the journey through wellness and self-care. What do you consider the most fundamental aspect of your daily self-care rituals? Sleep, meditation, physical activity, laughter, and a little mascara. What do you find especially fulfilling about your work? Connecting with clients. Sadie & Sarah. I love and adore them - they are my community and my family. You’ve treated some of the most recognizable faces in fashion. Can you share with us some of the feedback you’ve received from clients? Something I always hear from my clients is their appreciation for our attention to detail, sensitivity and the long term relationships we've cultivated through the years.