This is our health and wellness "must read" roundup for the month of September

    Topics that range from health benefits of magnesium to a school replacing detention with meditation, there are interesting topics to read upon this month! Read all about it here

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We scour the web for the best mind, body and spirit stories – so you don’t have to. Check back monthly for more of our favorites and sign up below to get our wellness content sent straight to your inbox. From inflammation to magnesium and/or B12 deficiency, this month’s roundup certainly addresses some potential problems. But, not to fret, it’s also chock full of self-care solutions. One of them being less work for a better balanced, healthier and even more productive life. Helpful food and supplement suggestions also abound. We end things on an extra positive note by sharing some of the scientific proof behind the benefits of mindful meditation. Take a deep breath and dive right in... This is what the ultimate anti-inflammatory meal looks like, Well+Good When registered dietician nutritionist (RDN) and former competitive beach volleyball player Shelly Malone started showing serious symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis post giving birth, she knew her issue was related to chronic, systemic inflammation—a response to a trigger in one’s diet, environment, or lifestyle that causes the immune system to wage a low-level attack on harmless cells in the body. Rather than rely on drugs to manage her arthritis, Malone set out to heal herself from inflammation holistically, and she outlined her most profound learnings in her new book, Inflamed. She recently chatted with Well + Good and shared what the ideal anti-inflammatory meal looks like, plus which foods to keep off your plate. Though not always chronic or as troubling as Malone’s, inflammation is quite common and inextricably linked to diet so her tips can be beneficial for us all. The health benefits of magnesium aka the miracle mineral, Sakara Life Magnesium is found in every single tissue in your body (bones, muscles, brain, etc.) and plays an essential role in almost every single task your body has, creating energy, stabilizing membranes, boosting immunity, helping prevent inflammation, and supporting heart health. It is your body’s go-to relaxation mineral, relaxing everything from body parts to your spirit and any tightness in the body is most likely a sign that your body is deficient in Magnesium. It’s even deemed a critical “medication” in the ER. So why is it that most Americans are deficient in something that is arguably more powerful than any other conventional medicine out there? Find out via Sakara Life. Signs you’re experiencing a b12 deficiency + what to do, Chalkboard Mag B12 has been called “life’s most important nutrient.” Your heart, brain, energy levels, mental health, and cardiovascular system rely on it. It bolsters your central nervous system and contributes to the formation of your blood cells, nerve cells and even DNA. B12 plays an essential role in white blood cell production, which, in turn, helps your body ward off disease. B12 also supports thyroid health and the production of melatonin and serotonin (sleep good/feel good). Yet, approximately 40% of the population is deficient in B12. If you’re feeling tired, confused, unmotivated, depressed, weak, sluggish or anxious, you just might be among those who are deficient. Leave it to Chalkboard Mag and Elissa Goodman to sum up the signs of deficiency, the best ways to manage it, and how to supplement this essential nutrient. Every weekend should be a 3-day weekend, New York Magazine We kicked off this month with Labor Day Weekend, and if you’re anything like us, things have been pretty non-stop ever since. However, the bulk of research in medicine, sleep, cognitive science, and organizational psychology overwhelmingly suggests that a shorter workweek should be the norm rather than the holiday-weekend exception. New York Magazine’s Science of Us rounded up the research and concluded that we’d all be healthier, sleep better, be less emotional, more agreeable, and even more productive at work if we worked less. We’re pretty convinced, but follow the link if you need more details to propose to your boss. This school replaced detention with meditation. The results are stunning., Upworthy We’ve been sharing the benefits of meditation for a while, so when Upworthy featured a school that replaced detention with meditation in classrooms we naturally perked up. Instead of punishing disruptive kids or sending them to the principal's office, a Baltimore school has something called the Mindful Moment Room. Misbehaving kids are encouraged to sit in the room and go through practices like breathing or meditation, helping them calm down and re-center. Though mindful meditation has been around in some form or another for thousands of years, scientists have only recently started looking at its effects on our minds and bodies. The effects are interesting to say the least. 

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