The Ritual Reboot Series: Nourishment, Challenge and Recharge + Reflect

By Ryann Hanes-Sloan A ritual is something that is sustainable enough to incorporate into your life on a daily basis. Once you start to listen to your body and your inner dialogue, you will notice areas where you need to add elements of balance in your life. Rituals are the path to this balance. My goal in life is to make these daily actions accessible and help others include them in their lives so that they can step into being their most brilliant, radiant selves. For me, I like to look at my day in a series of rituals that revolve around Nourishment, Challenge and Recharge+Reflect. Nourishment My first piece of nourishment is usually a self-concocted Healing Latte. The ritual of making this in my kitchen allows me time to reflect and focus on the day's tasks at hand while also fueling my body with highly potent adaptogenic herbs. Throughout the day, I try to eat simply, with well-sourced organic ingredients. As soon as I roll out of bed, I warm some water on the burner. Once the water is warm, I add whatever homemade nut milk I have on hand. Next, I stir in the Moon Juice Mushrooms and Pearl, a small teaspoon of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and a small spoonful of raw local honey (maybe 2 if I am feeling it!). I also like to add a pinch of Raw Vanilla and a pinch of cinnamon. I whisk this up in my Nutribullet and I am left with a warm, creamy latte that boosts my immune system, supports collagen production and feeds my brain with good fats. I oftentimes modify the herbs in this to support the current state of my body; sometimes I add herbs to support hormone balance and other times I add herbs to support stress relief. You can either make this at home (see the ingredients below) or try a more intensive version, the Moon Dust Latte, at a Moon Juice Shop near you! 1 teaspoon of Moon Juice Reishi Mushroom 1 teaspoon of Moon Juice Chaga Mushroom 1 pinch of Moon Juice Pearl Powder 1 pinch Cinnamon 1 pinch Moon Juice Raw Vanilla 1 small spoonful of Raw Honey 1 small spoonful of Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 3 oz. Nut or Seed Milk of your choice 5 oz. Warmed water Blend  Challenge This piece of my day is about getting my heart rate up. I teach yoga, lead international yoga retreats and work full-time in wellness, so the mornings are my time to get in some movement. I will often add a home practice into my morning that consists of some Sun Salutations, Warrior Postures and some Balancing Postures to sync my brain, breath and body together. On the weekends, I love to stay active with hikes, trips to the mountains or walks to the beach with my husband. In general, my ritual is to always accept the stairs when they present themselves, walk whenever possible and always include a daily roughhousing session with my pup, Worm. Recharge+Reflect This is probably my favorite part of my day. I am introverted by nature, so maintaining a ritual that allows me to reset, seek quiet and download the day is a must for me. In the evenings before my bath, I dry brush my skin. This stimulates the lymph, sheds old skin and increases circulation. For me, no evening is complete without a good epsom salt bath soak. I love to moisturize my body with Organic Olive Oil and use a combination of Organic Rosehip Oil and Organic Tamanu Oil on my face. Lastly, my recharging ritual consists of spending time with those that I love. My husband and I are proud parents of 1 pup and 2 kitties that provide lots of love and snuggles.  Want to learn more about Ryann’s daily rituals and Moon Juice? Join her at Sonäge’s Ritual Reboot on Thursday, January 21st at LOVE Yoga in Venice, CA. Tickets available, space is limited. Ryann Hanes-Sloan is a yoga instructor, Regional Retail Manager for Moon Juice and an active member of the Southern California wellness community. Learn more about about Ryann and her upcoming yoga retreat in Sayulita.