The Ritual Reboot Series: The Power of Daily Self-Care Practices

Kyle Miller and Sian Gordon founded Love. A Yoga Space with studios in Montauk, NY and Venice, CA. As yoga instructors, self-care rituals play a crucial role in their wellbeing and health. That’s why Kyle and Sian have partnered with Sonäge to host Ritual Reboot on Thursday, January 21st at LOVE Yoga in Venice, CA (space is limited, tickets available for purchase). As a preview to Thursday’s Ritual Reboot event, they’ve generously shared a roundup of the daily practices that keep them grounded. Kyle Miller’s Rituals Right now, I'm focused on specific teaching from my number one inspiration, Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga. She says that one of the great defeats in life is becoming bitter. Bitterness arises when you are working hard and not getting what you want. I can feel bitterness creep in whenever too many days pass without me getting to indulge in something just for myself. My personal rituals are designed to make me feel like I get to do exactly what I want, that I am luxurious and lucky! I squeeze them in whenever I can so that I always feel taken care of, and that I have the personal fuel to keep working hard. Here are the self-care rituals I try to make time for every week: - Drink lemon water first thing in the morning. - Walk my dog without my phone (this is major for me, I'm addicted to my phone). - Get a manicure. - Pamper myself with an Infrared Sauna at Alchemie Spa. I turn off all the lights and have a moment with myself. - Cook with my two best friends and have a major girl talk session (nothing makes me happier). - Host a women's pranayama circle (with Sian and other Love teachers at the studio). - Read a great novel! - Light candles. It’s so simple and it always changes the atmosphere. - Drink a Moon Juice Latte; it makes me feel so lucky when I'm sipping. - Constantly and consistently express thanks. Sian Gordon's Rituals It may be somewhat inaccessible for some, but my most important ritual is getting in the ocean. Now that I live in Southern California it's easy to do it all the time, but even when I lived in New York I would put on a wetsuit, gloves, booties and a hood, and surf all winter. Being in the ocean changes your body chemistry; it changes your mood, your outlook and it keeps you deeply connected to nature. In that vein, my second most important ritual is hiking with my dog. I leave my phone in the car and we get lost in nature for hours. It reminds me of who I am and what it is that I want for my life. I don't eat food that doesn't nourish me and make me feel good. One of the very simple things I do is to squeeze lemon into a glass of water and put it next to my bed before I go to sleep. I drink that as soon as I wake up, before I do anything else. Smoothies are a big part of my life. A Vitamix is a must. I take everything green in the fridge, add a green apple, a lime, coconut butter, cashew butter and half an avocado. The most important ingredient is the 'Sex Dust' from Moon Juice. It gives me energy and lubricates my joints. Love. A Yoga Studio has been featured in Well + Good, Vogue, GOOP, The Coveteur and How You Glow. To learn more check out them out on Instagram.