Vegan and Cruelty-Free Skincare: Committed to Plant-based Ingredients and Never Testing On Animals

We have changed our relationship status to 100% vegan and cruelty-free, it is Facebook official. Over the past several months, we have been working hard to complete our promised mission of ethical, conscious & effective products with some final touches. With the fusion of beauty, science and a little pixie dust, we were able to make some big changes, including getting our official certification by PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies program as ‘PETA-approved & transitioning all of our collagen-based products, such as our Collagen Boosting Serum, to kelp-based, vegan collagen! This transition has allowed us to emphasize being a brand founded on compassion while supporting all of you on your journey to conscious self-care.

What Is Cruelty-Free Skincare?

Cruelty-free means that the products are not currently tested on animals. This term is typically used for cosmetics, skincare and makeup. More and more people prefer cruelty-free skincare to be more conscious about animal treatment, and brands themselves are becoming more aware of the ethical treatment of animals and thus creating more cruelty-free products to cater to those who are trying to be more conscious about animal treatment.

No one wants little bunnies to suffer for the sake of glow!

On our collective journey to make the beauty industry a more inclusive, conscious and compassionate place, many places have banned testing on animals.  Before that, many companies within the beauty space would use animals, such as rabbits, to ‘test’ out their products by pumping chemicals & substances into their stomachs & testing out their cosmetics on their eyes & sensitive skin. We prefer our animals to have a more ‘au-natural’ look. Unfortunately, these practices still go on today and can be mandatory in places like mainland China, making them required for any imported beauty or skincare product to be sold there. Sonage Skincare has remained dedicated to our promise to not test our products on any animal, which is why we will not sell Sonage products in retail stores in mainland China. Sonage was founded on this principle & remains proud to be making a difference with our stance. With every Sonage product you receive, you can now be reminded of our dedication to cruelty-free skincare by admiring our cruelty-free certification residing on every package. 

Why Is Buying Cruelty-Free Important?

While it's easy to pick a well-marketed and hyped product, having awareness about what product goes into the skin is the need of the hour. Additionally, what the brand we use stands for should also be considered in this time and age. While animal testing of beauty products has been a common practice for years, now is high time we retrospect on the adversaries of such practices and opt for buying and using cruelty-free products.

  • Animal testing is so unnecessary: Many cosmetic companies already have curated a list of thousands of ingredients that are already proven to be safe and which need not be tested anymore on animals. Technological advancements in the form of vitro diagnostics, cell culture tests, and computer modeling are now making way toward a cruelty-free society. 
  • The cruelty-free products are more sustainable and in general also manage waste and toxins better.
  • Apart from animal testing, the usage of products like vegan collagen, etc has helped tremendously in preserving the lives of animals.

Beauty With A Conscious 

Remaining a conscious brand includes making sure no being is harmed in the process of getting your favorite products on your shelf. We see being vegan as more than just a buzzword but a real behavioral shift & way of living that our Sonage Skincare products can help support. Whether you're a full-fledged vegan, looking to reduce your carbon footprint, or just considering whether to take the plunge, you might be on the market for vegan skincare. The first step is to make sure to avoid products with ingredients such as beeswax, carmine, lanolin and many more. However, veganism isn’t all about exclusion but learning to include products with more substantial, fortified and effective ingredients. Our Sonage Collagen Boosting Serum has made the transition to our vegan collagen to plump, hydrate and resurface the skin. Sonage has officially been certified by AVA to help us mark this evolution & seal the marriage of beauty & compassion that we lead.

How to Identify Cruelty-Free Products

The easiest and quickest way to ensure your skincare product wasn't tested on animals is to look for a symbol of the cruelty-free bunny logo. This is usually placed on the backside of your product packaging. The top three official, certified cruelty-free bunny logos that you can trust are PETA cruelty-free, The Leaping Bunny, and Choose Cruelty-Free.

Our Commitment to You 

We, at Sonage, are committed to serving you better and in a cruelty-free manner that will help you adhere to your principles and practices, without a need to compromise on the quality or your ethics. Be it using vegan collagen or not testing any of the products on animals, we are committed to bringing you the most ethical skincare possible. Taking this one step ahead, the mask brush in Sonage, i.e., the Glitter Vegan-Bristle Mask Brush is also made of vegan bristles, which is more environmentally friendly as well as hygienic.

Similarly, our popular product, Sonage’s Collagen Boosting Serum, uses a plant-based vegan collagen formulation rejuvenated by hydrating and smoothing fine lines for a more youthful appearance. This hydration-boosting collagen serum uses Plant collagen, which is a new innovative technology created by binding together rice amino acids, soy protein and baobab adansonia resulting in a complex that provides an organic compound similar to animal-derived collagen in function and sensory profile. This plant-based collagen serum rejuvenates for younger-looking skin. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the vegan, cruelty-free products in Sonage and buy your favorites right away.

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