Tips and tricks on how you can use a multipurpose balm

    You can use a multipurpose balm in 12 ways ranging from moisturizing and sealing in hydration to healing dry, cracked hands and repairing damaged hair to removing makeup. It is the jack-of-all trade that can be used on its own, if needed

    Laserine Botanical Salve

12 Life Changing Beauty Hacks Using Multipurpose Balm

Laserine masquerades as a multi-purpose product that hydrates, soothes, softens and adds shine to everything it touches. This natural multitasker contains castor oil which is a natural emollient that provides incredible benefits for skin and hair. Here are 12 tips to transforming your beauty routine with an all-purpose balm:

1. Remove your makeup

If you run out of makeup remover, or are simply looking for a natural alternative, our Laserine Botanical Salve works to remove all remnants of makeup without drying or irritating the gentle skin around the eye. Like attracts like, the fatty oil in Laserine attaches to makeup - especially mascara and eyeliner, breaking them down so they can be cleanly wiped away.

2. Moisturize and Seal in Hydration

Laserine contains antioxidants that fight free-radicals, and boast squalene, which is a fatty lipid that is moisturizing and prevents trans epidermal water loss. Squalene can actually mimic sebum, so it leaves skin extremely plump and pliable when applied. Apply to the skin when damp, sealing in hydration and soothing any irritated or dry parts.

3. Repair Damaged Hair

Laserine Botanical Salve is good for hair, particularly if you're struggling with frizz and flyways. Regular, untreated strands can absorb and lose water very easily, which means that each hair fiber swells and then dries out often, causing hydra fatigue. This leads to split ends and breakage. Hair, especially dry or overly-processed kinds, treated with oil can hold on to moisture better than without. Essentially, the process of water diffusion is slowed down, which puts less stress on the tresses. Laserine, being a thicker balm, can fill the gap between cuticle cells, fortifying it in the process.

4. Soften Cuticles

Laserine Botanical Salve Softens Cuticles

Include Laserine in your at-home manicure treatment, as the moisturizing salve can amp up nail growth while saving ripped cuticles and peeling skin. First, soak fingers in water and apple cider vinegar to purify and kill any bacteria, and then massage Laserine into each nail. As a nightly routine massage Laserine oil into nails prevent hangnails and chipping.

5. Soothe Irritated Skin

If you're struggling with an inflammatory skin condition like eczema, or simply have red, irritated skin, Laserine can help relieve discomfort. It contains Fennel Oil and Carron Root which calms and soothes while hydrating your skin – just massage Laserine all over the body post-shower.

6. Heal dry, cracked hands

Multipurpose Balm

For hands (or feet) that feel worse for wear, Laserine can hydrate and soften the skin, while protecting it from signs of sun damage. In fact, hands usually develop wrinkles and fine lines before any other part of the body, so keeping the area supple and moisturized is important. Plus, Laserine has antioxidants and polyphenols that prevent skin ageing, and rev up skin cell regeneration and collagen formation.

7. Soothe Razor Burn or Chapped Lips

Multipurpose Balm

Immediately relieve burns and cracked, chapped lips with ultimate hydration. This multi-purpose balm provides effective, long-lasting moisture to soothe dry, irritated skin to look and feel healthier.


Use a small amount of natural all-purpose balm to rub along the perimeter of your hairline and the tips of your ears before applying dye. The moisturizing properties in the salve break the color formula and prevent dye from staining the skin.


If your lips are feeling particularly dry, perhaps they are in need of a little exfoliation. Put some non-toxic all-purpose balm on your finger and add a pinch of coarse sea salt. Gently exfoliate your lips by rubbing in circular motions for a few minutes. Afterwards, rinse your lips to get rid of the salt and add some extra salve for extra hydration.


Multipurpose Balm

If you're going for the no makeup look, natural all-purpose balm can be a great way to moisturize and define your lashes. Botanical salves are to lashes what conditioner is to hair; leaving you with luscious, glossy eyelashes.


Multipurpose Balm

For a quick, but effective contour, mix some iridescent eyeshadow with a natural multipurpose salve and apply to your cheekbones and tip of your nose. For lighter skin tones, we recommend going for a silvery shadow, while people with darker skin tones may prefer warmer, gold hues.


Put a liberal amount of non-toxic all-purpose balm in a small container and swirl in a small piece of your favorite-colored lipstick. Since we  all things natural, we recommend using a lipstick free from any harmful ingredients.

And these are just twelve of the infinite ways in which you can use a natural all-purpose balm – the truth is absolutely in the name!

Laserine Botanical Salve

Laserine Botanical Salve


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