A cream designed specifically for the neck area to help control sagging skin

    Neck cream helps lift and tighten loose skin on the neck caused by aging. This is caused by collagen and elastin loss.

    Biosyl Peptide Booster

Why You Need Neck Firming Cream For Tightening The Neck

Every night, you likely smooth your creams onto your face. But don’t neglect your neck in skincare! 

So many people forget about the skin below the chin. This area is incredibly vulnerable to sun damage and can become freckled with age spots. Additionally, aging itself along with some of your lifestyle habits can promote neck aging. 

With time, ‘turkey neck’ as it is sometimes known, develops as skin sags and becomes loose. Not taking care of your health or your skin can make it appear worse. And if you are always looking at your phone or staring at a computer screen, ‘tech neck’ brings on fine lines and wrinkles from that constant strain on the neck. 

For these reasons, you should start using a neck firming cream so your neck won’t give away your age!

When Should You Start Using Neck Firming Cream?

Some people may start showing the early signs of aging in the neck as soon as the mid-30s. Even if your neck looks fine, using neck firming creams can prevent those signs of aging even as you move into your late 30s and early 40s.

It’s never too early to start using it. And if your neck is already becoming less firm, it’s never too late either. 

How to Tighten and Tone Your Neck

Taking care of your health will benefit the way your neck looks. Just like any body part, you can use exercise to keep it firm. 

- Forehead Push

With this exercise, you’ll put one hand on your forehead and push with your head against your hand without moving your head forward. Do the reverse after 10 seconds, putting both hands behind your head and using your neck to push backwards.

- Chew Simulation

With your back straight as you sit, tilt your head up so your chin is pointing at the ceiling. Make a chewing motion with your mouth, keeping your lip closed. 

- Kissy Face

Start in the same position as the chew simulation, then pucker up as though you’re kissing someone. 

- Neck Lifts

While lying on your bed, let your head hang over the edge. Now, slowly lift your head up as high as possible with just the neck muscles. 

You can also use our neck firming cream, or seek out medical procedures. However, before you try injections or surgery, try using a neck cream to firm things up and fight sagging. 

Best Neck Firming Cream

Restoring your neck’s firmness is as easy as using Biosyl Peptide Booster by Sonage. This restorative wrinkle cream unites peptides to stimulate regeneration along with epidermal growth factor to smooth away lines and wrinkles. 

Along with powerful botanical antioxidants, olive oil, and hyaluronic acid, you’ll find the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and age lines are reduced. Smooth this on each night to boost collagen production and protect your neck from sagging for a beautiful and youthful contour. 

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