Your Favorite Scrub Has Been Outlawed. Now What?

Microbeads, found in a host of the products we use every day, including cleansers and scrubs, have been banned in the United States. And yes, we are grateful; logic would suggest that anything that is bad for the environment can't be good for our skin. For years, research studies have exposed the harmful effects of plastics on the environment. At this point, most people realize that the daily consumption and use of plastic bags, plastic bottles, etc. is wreaking havoc on Mother Nature. What you may not know is that the tiniest bit of plastic has been damaging the environment as well -- and this almost invisible spec can be found in products you may very well use as a part of your daily skincare routine. These particles are known as microbeads, and they are responsible for the sloughing or exfoliating effect in your scrubs and cleansers. Microbeads do not dissolve when you rinse your face and, as a result, end up in our water supply. Because of their size, they are not caught by filters and flow into our rivers, lakes and oceans, where they are consumed by fish, turtles and other water-dwelling creatures. Thankfully, in January this year, President Obama signed a bill into law banning the use of microbeads in all personal care products, including soaps, toothpastes and body washes. "Microbeads are highly damaging to the natural environment and the wildlife that live there," the Wildlife Conservation Society said in a press release. "Because natural alternatives already exist, a ban on their use in personal care products makes perfect sense." You can read more about the microbead ban here. At Sonäge, we take the environment, and your skin, seriously. Our exfoliation products have been formulated with natural botanical ingredients that effectively remove dead skins cells and brighten dull skin without the use of microbeads. We believe in The New Natural™ — skincare that works without damaging your health or the environment.