Glow Rejuvenating Cryo Facial (12 products)


Hydrating skin care package featuring a cleanser, toner, exfoliant, serum, and moisturizer. Best for dry, dehydrated skin, this advanced regimen visibly improves skin luminosity for continuous hydration and glow.

Hydrating Cleanser - Gentle cream cleanser removes makeup and other impurities. A wealth of essential oils and botanical extracts leave skin feeling clean, supple and deeply nourished.

Facial Rinse - Calming alcohol-free toner removes excess oil, clarifies and freshens the complexion without stripping skin.

Gommage Exfoliating Gel®- Say goodbye to dull congested skin with this Microbead-Free non-abrasive face scrub. Gommage will get rid of all unwanted dead skin cells while brightening your skin at the same time. It is formulated with lime oil to decongest clogged pores & brighten skin. Apply a layer, and let it act for 2 minutes. When it is damp dry, roll it off with your fingertips.

Glycopolymer Peel Pads - Mild Strength - Glycolic acid exfoliating pads gently renew skin for a burst of radiance.

High Endurance Creme - Powerful antioxidant-rich moisturizer builds immunity, combats environmental aging and calms appearance of redness.

Baby Frioz Mini Icy Globes, a petite version of the award-winning Frioz Icy Globes tool, is dramatically reduced in size to expertly reach all contours of the face.

Vitality Nourishing Facial Oil - Nourishing facial oil with blends of 10 active plant compounds for intense hydration and illumination.

Patagonia Berry Stem Cell Mask - Antioxidant-rich intensely hydrating face mask helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Cream-textured plant stem cell technology leaves skin polished and visibly brighter.

Jolie Contour Body Crème, a body firming crème inspired by professional body treatments works effectively to tone your figure and visibly firm your skin. 

Roux Tinted Day Creme with SPF30 - Tinted moisturizer with SPF. Enhanced with anti-aging ingredients like niacinamide, ceramides, tucuma butter, and peptides– all without clogging your pores

R&R Peptide-Packed Eye Serum - A natural Botox that includes Argireline, Cucumber, Algae, Alma extracts with calming, anti-inflammatory properties and multiple peptides that combat under-eye circles.

Glitter Vegan-Bristle Mask Brush - With its soft vegan brush head, the Vegan-Bristle Mask Brush distributes a thin, even layer of product onto the skin surface.