Airless Pump for Products

Why we switched to airless pumps:

Prevent Contamination

Clean skincare contains natural ingredients that contaminates easily when exposed to air. Luckily, our airless pumps have an auto air-lock nozzle that prevents air from entering and prevents product contamination.


Maintain Formula Freshness & Efficacy

With the absence of straws, the product reduces the chance of bacteria which helps maintain product freshness and effectiveness.


Zero Wastage

We're all guilty of accidentally dispensing too much product. Our airless dispenser allows you to pump a consistent dosage every time. The strawless dispenser also pumps out every last bit of product out.



Strawless = Saving The Planet! Minimimal packaging not only helps protect our oceans but also minimizes packaging costs to you. Airless pumps are refillable and reusuable.