Glow Rejuvenating Home Facial

$125 ($152 Value)

This at-home version of a classic European facial includes gentle exfoliation and relaxing acupressure for manual lymphatic drainage. Leaves your skin feeling healthy while rejuvenating and hydrating the skin for a supple natural glow.

  1. Remove makeup by applying Hydrating Cleanser with fingertips, massage gently. Wash your face.
  2. Apply an even layer of Gommage Exfoliating Gel to face and neck. Allow to penetrate for 1-2 minutes. When it is damp/tacky, hold skin taut, and remove with your fingertips using the soft and light effleurage technique. Remove any excess with a tissue.
  3. Brush on an even sheer layer of the Saffron Energizing Vitamin Mask. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove excess mask with a damp washcloth.
  4. Perform a facial massage using a few drops of Vitality Nourishing Facial Oil for 5 minutes using upwards and outwards movements. 

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