Also known as holy basil, tulsi is an Ayurvedic herb used to heal skin and hair.

    Tulsi helps keep skin calm and clear from acne and pigmentation. For hair, it can speed up growth and improve the health of your scalp.

    Tulsi Soothing Tri Clay Mask

Brighten Your Skin Tone With Tulsi

In the healing traditions of Ayurveda, tulsi is commonly used in beauty routines. Meaning ‘holy basil,’ this aromatic perennial plant from India has long been used for its medicinal purposes. But it’s also quite the secret ingredient for healthy skin. 

The name comes from its ability to promote pure energy in harmony, wisdom, light, and compassion. When you use tulsi in your skincare routine, you will no doubt discover the harmony it brings to your complexion. As an adaptogen, it prevents stress and provides recovery, an ideal solution to agitated skin. 

How Tulsi Benefits and Brighten your Skin Tone

Tulsi benefits for skin

You may want to start using tulsi in your skincare regimen. Here’s how tulsi benefits your skin! 

- Great for getting rid of acne

Since tulsi is antibacterial, it might be just what you need to clear up that acne. Antibacterial ingredients are ideal for not only getting rid of acne but also preventing future breakouts. 

- Ideal for fighting the signs of aging

Another way tulsi benefits you in skincare is that it infuses skin with potent antioxidants when applied topically. Antioxidants reduce the production of free radicals which cause oxidative stress, damaging your skin cells and leaving you looking older with fine lines and wrinkles. With this Ayurvedic herb, you can look more youthful and refreshed. 

- Creates a harmonious complexion

As mentioned, one of tulsi’s benefits is that it restores harmony, and that applies to skincare too. Thanks to those antioxidants, it stops the process of oxidative stress which is what leads to pigmentation. By keeping skin protected, you can see a more unified complexion. 

- Keeps skin calm

Tulsi is great for fighting inflammation, making it a wonderful option for those with dry skin or eczema. It may be able to help you calm and soothe redness, irritation, swelling, and itchiness. 

Best Skincare Products with Tulsi

If you’d like to see how tulsi benefits your skin, you should look for it in facial masks for the best results. Tulsi Soothing Tri-Clay Mask is a spectacular option. It also incorporates turmeric and triphala, other antioxidant-rich herbs with mineral-rich clays to help calm your skin without drying it out. This tulsi mask is perfect for anyone who needs balance for the complexion, reducing excess oil while detoxifying for a fresh-faced look. 

Simply make time to use it one to three times per week at five to ten minutes per application to see how tulsi benefits your skin!

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