Using facial ice globes can help your skin with acne and breakouts

    Ice globes hasve many benefits which can help reduce and minimze the appearance of acne and breakouts

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How Ice Globes Can Help Clear Breakouts

Does the thought of icing your skin seems cool? It indeed is cool! Remember the times, we pop in our serums and lotions into the refrigerator to get some cooling skincare? Well, ice globes are one step above that. We toss in our facial massage tool into the refrigerator and include it as a part of our skincare regime.

The advantages of using ice globes as a part of skincare routine are tremendous. Doing a facial massage with iced tools is not only a trend but also a good one. This popular AM/PM routine has been used in spas and skincare clinics for decades now. However, with the help of a good serum, moisturizer, or lotion and a pair of good ice globes like Sonage's Baby Frioz or Sonage's Frioz Icy Globes, you can reap benefits of cryo therapy from the comfort of your homes.

frioz icy globes facial massager

What are ice globes and what is skin icing?

Ice globes are globe like tools with a wand that helps in facial massages. Exposing your skin for several minutes to extreme cold is called skin icing. You can do this procedure in moderation & in the parts of the face you like using these ice globes.

The most basic form of skin icing is using ice cubes on your skin. This soothes and tightens the skin. An advanced way of doing the same with probability to reap more benefits is to use ice globes.

How does this procedure result in clear skin?

One of the common benefits of facial massage using ice globes is that it results in promoting overall skin health with a high probability of clearing breakouts and having clean and clear skin.

frioz icy globes facial massager

Here are 5 ways in which the same can be achieved:

  • Inflammation reduction: Just like how any sports or physical injury is treated with ice pack ti reduce inflammation, treating your skin with ice and coolness will help in reducing the inflammation on your skin that might have been caused by sun burn, blue light radiation, and various other factors.
  • Minimized pores: One of the major reasons for breakouts apart from sun damage is the large open pores. You may have large pores due to your genes or owing to some skin woes. Irrespective of the cause, a good facial massage on your face with ice globes will help deeply in reducing the pore size. Ice globing tones and smoothens your skin. This will lead to reduced pores and reduced sebum production.
  • Gentle exfoliation: While physical and chemical exfoliation are mildly harsher on your skin, face icing helps tremendously in removing old dead skin cells and stimulate the new skin underneath.
  • Soothing acne & blemishes: If you already have skin breakouts and other skin issues like, acne, scar, blemishes, pigmentation, etc., it might be difficult for you to use certain products on your skin. Ice globing on the other hand is a simple, calming process that can be done even on damaged skin. Regular icing therapy helps in alleviating skin issues like acne breakouts & blemishes.
  • Aiding in lymphatic drainage: Draining toxins from your skin and boosting lymphatic drainage will automatically promote blood circulation and keeps your skin healthy, young, and rejuvenated. If you follow the facial massage method that is exclusive for lymphatic nodes draining, you will be in surprise seeing the end results.
frioz icy globes facial massager

In short, ice globing stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates your skin well. This, in turn, will make you look and feel young. It even makes you look like you have rested well even on the days you didn't catch enough zzz's. Additionally, you can invest in a smaller ice globe, like Baby Frioz, as well as it helps significantly in firming skin and reducing puffiness in the areas around the eyes, where the larger ice globes may find it difficult to provide a full massage.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite ice globes and start icing your skin right away.

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