Clear away impurities from your lymphatic system to improve skin and health overall.

    Your lymph nodes can get stagnant and trap fluid, bacteria, and other toxins. Clearing it away will help you be in your best health which you’ll also see in your skin. Adding massage stimulates drainage of congested areas and reveals more beautiful and healthy skin.

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How to do Lymphatic Self Massage?

Lymphatic massage is something that you might be hearing a lot in the recent times. From skinfluencers to dermatologists, a lot of enthusiasts and professionals alike recommend facial massage for multiple advantages, ranging from skin sculpting to lymphatic drainage.

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic system is the main contributor in eliminating toxins out of our system. Usually, an active lymphatic system uses lymphatic pathways via natural movements to drain the lymphatic fluid. However, due to underlying medical conditions, surgical history, or any other damages, the lymphatic drainage may be disrupted. In such cases, and also in general to assist the lymphatic drainage, lymphatic massage is prescribed.

What is Lymphatic Massage?

Stretching and releasing of skin gently in the lymphatic pathways to drain the lymphatic drainage is known as lymphatic massage.

How to do Lymphatic Massage on oneself?

While many facial and spa masseuse do include lymphatic drainage massage as part of their overall treatment, it is advisable and preferable to do lymphatic self massage on a regular basis to augment lymphatic drainage. How to do Lymphatic Self Massage

 Do's and Don'ts of Lymphatic Self Massage:

  • Always cleanse your face thoroughly before beginning to massage. A gentle cream cleanser like Sonage's Hydrating Cleanser helps to remove makeup and other impurities without stripping natural oils. Such a gentle yet moisturizing cleanser is important as it provides a clean base for one to massage conveniently.
  • Once you have cleansed and pat dried your face, the next step is to apply a good facial oil. This is the most crucial step as dry massage may not provide as good results compared to its oil counterpart. If you are someone with oily skin or hate oils on your skin, then opt for a non greasy facial oil like Sonage's Vitality Nourishing Facial Oil. It's a couture blend of 10 essential dry oils—including Argan and Marula, but the texture is non greasy and it gets absorbed well.
  • The third important step in your lymphatic self massage is the posture. Sit comfortably. Don't slouch or overstretch. Make sure that both your hands have room for a wide range of movements. After applying the oil, you can sit comfortably and start massaging your face and neck.
  • While lymphatic self massage can be done using your fingers or from a wide range of face sculpting tools like Gua Sha, Jade Roller etc., the latest and advanced addition to it is the icy globes. Icy globes merge cold therapy with drainage massage to provide you with additional benefits. Sonage's Baby Frioz Mini Icy Globes is our favorite pick for massage tool. It's good for beginners as well as skincare enthusiasts. Additionally, it's handy, convenient, and travel friendly.

Sonage's Baby Frioz Mini Icy Globes

  • Finally, relax, get some adequate sleep, stick to a skincare and diet routine that works for you, and stay hydrated.

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