Taking a holistic approach to achieving clear skin with both skincare and lifestyle tips.

    Change your pillowcase often, wash your makeup and beauty tools, stop touching your face, have a separate face towel.

    Wash off all of your cleanser, incorporate a serum, never skip SPF, give yourself a face massage.

12 Proven Tips for Clearer, Glowing Skin in Just 14 Days! Unlock Your Clearest Skin.

One of the most important questions that is prevalent among many people are “how to get clear/glass skin?” Clear skin is such a huge flex, not just externally, but also internally. If you have clear skin, then it is a sign that your internal gut health is good. Additionally, clear skin helps you create makeup looks with ease or even for go no-makeup looks with ease. With our further ado, let us get to know the twelve key steps involved in achieving clear skin.


1. Wash off all your makeup & sunscreen

Irrespective of your wear makeup or not, double cleansing every night is crucial to remove dirt, sweat, leftover sunscreen, etc. Opt for a cleansing oil or balm for the first cleanse, and pick a hydrating, gentle cleanser for second level of cleansing. Luckily, Sonage's Hydrating Cleanser can be used for both steps of double cleansing. It's a nourishing cream cleanser that cleanses the skin of impurities and makeup without stripping the skin.

2. Change your pillowcase often

Do you know your pillowcases can cause you acne? Yes. Your pillowcase absorbs your sweat, oils and bacteria on your face. Over a period of time, this can lead to build up of germs that cause acne or other skin concerns. Therefore, it is advisable to use a satin or silk pillow case and put them to wash every third or fourth day.

3. Never skip SPF

This is such an important step, and in fact, a no brainer. Every skincare guru is emphasizing that SPF is mandatory, even if you are indoors. Harmful UV rays can penetrate barriers like glass windows, so even if you are indoors, it is necessary to wear sun protection. Protec Plus from Sonage is a good mineral sunscreen for all skin types to provide your skin with a barrier for these rays.

4. Stop touching your face

This is something we all know that we shouldn’t do, but we do! Yes, we all inadvertently touch our faces, and we should stop it, right now! Over the course of our day, we touch so many objects with our hands. Thus, our fingers are the biggest carriers of germs, so keep your fingers away from your face! More importantly, if you see a pimple or boil on your face, do not pop it.

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5. Incorporate a Serum into your routine

One important skincare hack that you need to hop into right now is serums. Yes! Serums are the holy grail. Depending on your skin concern, from dry skin to acne-prone skin, aging skin to pigmented skin, there is a serum of every concern. Understand your concern & choose your serum for a more targeted and personalized skincare regime.

6. Wash your makeup brushes & beauty tools

If you are someone who uses makeup, then washing all your makeup tools is a crucial step. At times, out of laziness and procrastination, we may end up using a dirty brush or beauty blender, not realizing the bacteria that we are introducing to our skin. However, the makeup residues are a magnet for germs and bacteria. You don’t have to wash your brushes daily, but you should consider doing this weekly or even twice a week based on usage.

7. Use a different towel for your face & pat your face dry

Do not, we repeat, do not use the same towel for the rest of your body and face. It’s advised to keep your face towel separate and get it washed every 3-4 days once or as needed.

8. Give yourself a face massage

Gone are the days where face massage was restricted only to salons & beauty clinics. Self facial massages are in and rightly so! Use tools like Baby Frioz Icy Globes to give yourself a cooling, nourishing face massage with serum or facial oils of your choice.

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9. Stress Less

Many Asian philosophers believe that the thoughts and concerns of your mind shows on your face. It indeed is true. If you have noticed, when you stress lot, your skin breaks out as well. Sometimes, you might even miss doing skincare due to your stress and anxiety. Therefore, make a conscious choice to stress less and indulge in a therapeutic skincare routine everyday, even if it is for ten minutes.

10. Keep a healthy diet

Healthy eating always reflects on your skin. No matter how much skincare you do or how many topical treatments you take, if your eating habits are poor, it is going to derail your skincare benefits. So, make a note of food items you consume. Reduce sugar and junk. Eat more fruits and vitamin enriched food.

11. Clean your phone

This may sound silly, but do you know your phone can cause your skin to breakout? Yes, apart from the radiation and heat, your phone might also carry germs and bacteria from outside exposure, which will stick to your face. So, it is better to opt for using earphones and also clean your phone regularly.

12. Exercise Daily

Working out makes your skin glow like no other. YES! Exercising daily keeps you active, rejuvenated, and balances your hormones. It also fixes your appetite, which makes your skin glow from within.

Follow these steps & stay hydrated for better skin health.

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