We spoke with Lauren Berlingeri, half of the duo behind HigherDOSE

    HigherDOSE is an infrared sauna spa that offers natural highs that get you beautiful and buzzed simultaneously. It is a new way of feeling reenergized in a new and different setting

Naturally High with HigherDOSE's Lauren Berlingeri

In our latest self-care inspired interview, we pick the brain of HigherDOSE's Lauren Berlingeri. A multi-hyphenated girl boss if we've ever seen one, Lauren is a certified holistic nutritionist, health coach, host, fitness expert, and model. She is one half of the duo behind HigherDOSE, an infrared sauna spa that offers what they refer to as a natural high that gets you beautiful and buzzed simultaneously. House music, mixed with saunas, mixed with healing chakra light therapy is what you’ll find when you hang with Lauren. Now that's hot. Get to know her below! You and Higher Dose co-founder Katie have dramatically different backgrounds. How did you meet? We actually met through a colleague. I used to work for a startup called Aloha. I was actually at Pure Food and Wine and was with my colleague at the time and he started talking to Katie. I learned more about her background and I told her about my idea of bringing infrared to yoga and fitness. At that time she had never tried infrared saunas. She came back to me and said, “I’m absolutely in love with this,” and that’s how we started working on it. How did you initially come across infrared saunas? My job for Aloha was to put together the brand ambassador program. I was around the most influential people in the health and wellness industry, from doctors to naturopaths, to fitness people, and infrared saunas kept coming up. So I went to go do some research for myself. I absolutely fell in love. That night I went home to write an article on it and started researching it and I couldn’t believe everybody didn’t have access to this. My mission was to bring this to the masses. I feel like it’s a product I can actually stand behind and say, “Everybody needs it.” We’re fascinated by chromotherapy. Tell us about it.  Infrared is on the invisible light spectrum and chromotherapy is on the color spectrum, so it’s an LED light. They go together perfectly. Pretty much what we’re doing is light therapy. I think light is one of the most underestimated technologies out there that can automatically make you feel better. Not only does it increase your mood and the way you feel, it also works on different ailments within the body. Again, it’s just something that’s super safe and gentle and I wanted to make sure everything was complementary to the experience. It was a perfect match for infrared. What’s your favorite color and why? My personal favorite is blue. I find myself to be very fiery so the blue helps me be more relaxed and it is a good balance with the infrared. It’s the one that makes me feel the best. It’s very complementary to heat. Your slogan is “Get High Naturally.” What does that mean to you and your regulars? Getting high naturally, is finding alternative therapies and tools that make you feel good without crashing you down. Anything that gives you a sustainable high, and is a healthy product, is something that fits under the brand of, “Get High Naturally.” There are so many different things out there that make people feel good in the moment, but don’t make them feel good in the long run. Our movement is just around people doing things that make them feel good for a sustainable time. Besides a sweat sesh, what are some of your go-to health related activities? Working out, of course. Body work is another great one. Eating really good, clean, healthy food. Singing, dancing, all of these kind of natural ways of feeling great and staying feeling great without adding anything like alcohol or drugs or coffee or cigarettes or anything else that makes you feel good in the moment, but then causes you to crash. I do all sorts of things, breathing techniques, kundalini, body work sessions, infrared saunas, cryotherapy, colonics. All of these healthy practices are really good sustainable highs. Do you have a self-care ritual? Take us through your daily routine. I wake up in the morning and I drink my lemon water. I make a really healthy coffee. I mix it with coconut oil, which is a good fat, and then I add turmeric and cinnamon in there. Those are good for blood sugar and inflammation. Something that I typically would have felt guilty about turns into a healthy treat. Then I go and do my workout in the morning. I do anything from pilates to yoga to running. I tend to switch it up. Then I’m off to work. Usually within that workout I try to do meditation. I’m trying everyday to meditate more and more, but it’s still a difficult one for me, though I do feel my workouts are quite meditative as well. Who are some of your biggest health/wellness inspirations? I’ve had so many over the years. I really like Kris Carr. I think she has a good message. I think she’s relatable. She has a really amazing story. I admire a lot of female athletes and female entrepreneurs that end up taking care of themselves, and maybe are mothers too, and living a healthy lifestyle. Elena Brower is really cool. She’s a yogi and entrepreneur and she’s really awesome. When do you feel most beautiful? I feel most beautiful after I work out. It’s something that I really do feel like I get a good sweat on, but I also release a lot of endorphins and just feel good. My ultimate way of getting high is a good workout. A perfect way to end the workout is in an infrared sauna. If I’ve done those two things you can’t get the smile off of my face.

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