Recreate Sonage's EWG Verified Facial at Home

There’s never a bad time to treat yourself to a relaxing facial, but if you’d prefer to bring the spa home, Sonäge’s new, first-of-its-kind EWG verified facial will have you looking and feeling your best.

In partnership with the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit, non-partisan organization that empowers people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment, Sonäge recently launched the first ever EWG verified facial. Making its debut at the EWG’s CleanCon, the luxurious seven-step treatment features a comprehensive regimen to naturally nourish and treat the skin, blending modern skincare with Mother Nature’s healing properties.

Read on to learn more about this powerhouse beauty collaboration and how you can reap all of its skincare benefits right at home.

What Inspired this Collaboration

At its core, Sonäge has been committed to releasing luxury products that are not only safe for the marketplace but for the environment. They’ve been collaborating with the EWG for over eight years, and this latest partnership only takes things to the next level.

“Our dedication to both our client's skin and environmental sustainability is unwavering,” says Sonäge Founder Anisha Khanna. “With its comprehensive seven-step regimen, this facial reinforces our commitment to upholding the health and environmental benchmarks set by EWG.”

What Does the EWG Seal Mean?

So what exactly does having an EWG verified facial mean? In short, this facial only includes products with the EWG seal. That means it meets a strict criteria for
transparency and health. Using an EWG-approved product let alone an entire skincare regimen worth of them means that they have been rigorously evaluated by scientists at the EWG and are held to the highest standard.

Among this criteria are factors including the absence of allergens, contaminants, and harmful chemicals. Along with this, EWG approved products feature transparent product labeling and manufacturing practices so no consumer is left in the dark.

This sets them apart from other “clean seals” which typically only list what each product is “free from.” You can easily check to see how your products stack up by using the EWG’s Skin Deep online database to learn what’s really in your personal care products. The database includes 98,713 products, 3,466 brands, and 2,128 EWG verified products and is even referenced over 50,000 times a month by clean beauty lovers.

Who Does It Benefit?

Honestly, this facial benefits all consumers through its elimination of harmful products on the skin and the environment. However, it’s especially beneficial to consumers who are immunocompromised. That currently includes about 7 million people in the U.S.

While the facial includes seven EWG approved products from the brand, Sonäge actually has a total of 10 products that proudly showcase the EWG seal in its brand portfolio. The inclusion of these products creates a truly relaxing treatment with the knowledge that all of the products used have no known toxic or harmful ingredients.

While this one-of-its-kind facial is set to rollout at Sonäge Spa locations across the country, you can easily tailor the experience for a DIY spa treatment at home in a few simple steps.

Try It At Home

Step 1: Cleanse

First start with the Hydrating Cleanser. This gentle cream cleanser is safe for all skin types and removes both makeup and dirt while bringing moisture and balance to the skin. Dispense about one pump into your hand before adding a little water to create an emulsion. Gently apply the emulsified product to your face and remove it with water after you’ve cleansed.

Step 2: Tone

The next step is all about restoring balance with the Hydrating Rinse. This alcohol-free toner clears pores, restores the skin’s PH balance, and revitalizes lackluster
complexions. Ginseng, a powerhouse antioxidant, helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines too. Just put a couple of drops onto a cotton round and apply to your face in a gentle upward motion.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Once your skin is toned and dewy, it’s time to exfoliate. The Gommage Exfoliating Gel is a microbead-free physical scrub that removes dead skin cells and is even gentle enough for sensitive skin types. Rub a small amount onto the tip of your fingers and massage into skin. This gommage works by attaching itself to the top layer of the skin to gently exfoliate. Then wait for it to develop a dry, tacky feel before massaging it off with your fingers or a cotton ball. It’s important to remove this peel once it has dried in order to effectively slough off those dead cells.

Step 4: Treat

The C Shield Smart Serum is next in the lineup and protects against photoreceptors (like blue light) while also fading dark spots over time. This lightweight, water-based formula helps skin look more radiant while citrus-derived Vitamin C evens the skin tone.

Step 5: Mask

The Saffron Energizing Vitamin Mask is great for dehydrated and sensitive skin types. Delivering a dose of saffron, arginine, squalane, and CoQ10, it deeply hydrates, brightens and improves skin texture. Leave on for about 10 minutes to let ingredients work before washing it off.

Step 6: Firm

Next, plump up the skin with the Vegan Collagen Boosting Serum. This plant-based serum boosts elasticity and firmness, smooths skin texture, and reduces the look of fine lines.

Step 7: Moisturize

Now it’s time to lock in all of the goodness with an SPF moisturizer. The Roux Tinted Day Cream with SPF 30 is a master multitasking product and can be used as either a primer or moisturizer to add a touch of glow. Its mineral SPF blends seamlessly into the skin and offers a slight tint. Additionally, the niacinamide included in this day cream is also great for those with acne.