The Ritual Reboot Series: An Afternoon of Self-Care Savvy With Sonäge

On Thursday, January 21st, top wellness experts gathered at LOVE Yoga studio in Venice, CA for a special afternoon devoted to a discussion regarding the importance of self-care to our wellbeing. If you don’t live in Southern California, or were simply not able to join us, we have you covered. We’ve rounded up the highlights and takeaways from the afternoon with the intention of inspiring you to incorporate some new practices into your daily self-care routine.Sonäge CEO Anisha Khanna explains the origin of this core, wellness event: "The idea of Ritual Reboot was born out of the Sonäge core value of Self-Care. We want to inspire and educate women to make conscious choices, to do something small to care for yourself everyday – head outside for a walk, take a bath or after cleansing your face at night use an essential oil as a moisturizer that also calms your senses and sends a signal to your brain that it is time to sleep. That’s why we chose to partner with LOVE Yoga. Kyle and Sian have built such a strong community centered around sustainable vitality. Wellness experts Lavinia and Ryann were the perfect addition to our self-care savvy afternoon.” LOVE Yoga founders Sian Gordon and Kyle Miller shared a special yoga sequence to help participants get centered. Sonäge chief wellness officer Lavinia Errico followed with a guided meditation. Errico touched on the importance of following daily rituals as simple as washing away the day with a shower. She also described the power of journaling with AllSwell Notebooks. Learn more about why self-care rituals are so important and how to integrate simple but impactful practices into your daily routine in Well + Good. Ryann Hanes-Sloan of Moon Juice touched on utilizing Moon Kingdoms as a focal point to address your nourishment needs. “A nourishment ritual is something that is simple enough to add into your daily life, as it is now,” said Hanes-Sloan. She suggested starting by adapting one of the following principles of self-care created by Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon. Eat More Raw: “I’m not saying become a raw foodist, just eat as many raw foods as you can in a day, considering the season and what you're craving. You don’t need fancy equipment; getting the benefit of raw foods is as simple as a whole fruit or vegetable,” says Bacon. Consume Good Fat: “Good fats provide deep nourishment to all of the tissues of the body and the brain, and deliver micro-nutrition and vital energy. We need good fat for brain function, hormone production, a robust metabolism, weight loss, energy, immune function, and inflammatory response. Sixty percent of our brain is made up of fat and the fat we eat literally feeds our brain, aiding our neurological functions and the mental clarity which enables us to live healthy, happy, inspired lives. These energizing fats can be enjoyed everyday, most easily with nut and seed milks, avocados, coconut, olive oil, seaweed, and green juice.” Alkalize: “Alkaline foods balance your pH, making your body an inhospitable environment for disease. Disease can only exist in acidic states so keeping an alkaline climate in your body is the ultimate form of protection. Existing in an alkaline state is a key to maintaining a calm and joyful life. Alkalinity will promote not only peace within but also creates an overall glow with radiant skin and sparkling eyes. This is an easy one to consider just go green when in doubt. My favorite daily alkalizers are green juice, almonds, lemon, and apple cider vinegar.” Rebuild Your Gut: “Your gut accounts for two-thirds of your immune system and is the true foundation of your health. Fermented foods are a supreme source of enzymes and probiotics. Ferments nurture intestinal microflora, heal the gut, and re-colonize intestines with organisms that defend against disease, viruses, and yeast. These immunity-building foods improve digestion and nutrient absorption, create glowing skin, and improve mood.” I love Cafe Gratitude’s fermented veggies; Moon Juice makes an amazing Burdock one; and of course you can make your own at home.” Play With Adaptogens: “Adaptogens help the body to harmonize with its environment by adapting to stress and change. Mineral dense adaptogens allow your body to absorb nutrients, maintaining the body's optimum energy metabolism, increasing immunity, easing inflammation, and reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety and mental agitation. My pantry is stocked with these adaptogenic herbs so that I can easily blend them into nut milk throughout the day hot or cold as a major pick me up.” Slow Your Glycemic Roll: “Making sure that my everyday is low sugar and my high sugar moments are conscious choices made in a balanced bigger picture is so very important for letting your endocrine system and vital organs thrive in an unstressed fashion. Eating in a low glycemic fashion also supports rewilding our system with desired bacteria and not candida that feasts on sugar,” says Bacon. Learn more about Moon Juice and Ryann’s daily self-care routine here.   To help you jumpstart your new daily self-care routine, we would like to present you with a special offer. Enter “Reboot20” at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order on All Images: Marisa Q Photography.